WMT Commodities and Recycling Pte Ltd is a globally connected commodity trading and recycling business based in Singapore.

WMT Commodities and Recycling are well placed to engage in opportunities arising from the emerging economies around the globe. Our core business is providing recycled feed stock materials to various manufacturing industries which is sourced mainly through recycling efforts in the emerging market.

WMT commodities and recycling is a privately-owned company, we have been in the recycled materials market since 2012 we maintain a friendly and professional approach to business and we strive to maintain long-term relationships with both our suppliers and customers.

We combine our expert knowledge, service, and long-term commitment to deliver the best possible services to our customers.

We are currently active in the renewable materials market with a particular focus on recycling aluminium and copper scrap and the recycled plastics market

The two core products which we trade are recycled plastic bottles (PET) and recycled Aluminium which we sell to end-users or smelters as recycled feedstock that they use to fabricate into new products or in their manufacturing process. In addition to this we are also traders of other recycled metals such as brass and copper which are sourced globally.